THEESatisfaction Queens

I don’t know how many times I’ve watched this, but the song and the video will never get old for me.

Here’s to a glorious summer full of gorgeous parties like this one.

ETA: From puzzled-panther, 10 great reasons to love this vid (I agree with all of these - great list!):

  1. song is phenomenal
  2. cinematography is sweets
  3. women touching each other in a way that is both caring and platonic and romantic and appreciative and sexy all at once.
  4. BLACK WOMEN portrayed in a way that is affirming and celebratory but in no way confines them to either blackness or femaleness
  5. Black people depicted dancing in a way that is not hypersexualized, sexist, or a way to ridicule Blackness
  6. Black women portrayed in a way that doesn’t pit them against each other.
  7. “Leave your face at the door. Turn off your swag.”
  8. Black hair being depicted as beautiful, interesting, and a way of bonding rather than as something that is weird and should not be touched.
  9. so much great FAAAASSSSHHHHH
  10. it makes me feel good about me.



(Till) I Kissed You by The Everly Brothers (song was released in 1959 - not sure of the date of this video).

The Everly Brothers’ harmonies are so amazing I sometimes want to cry. This is one of my favourite songs - a lot of their songs have found their way into my all-time favourites - because it’s so cute and it just makes me really happy!

A Motown Tribute to Nickelback by ScottBradleyLovesYa et al

OMG I AM DEAD. (And posting this everywhere. Ha.) Seriously. I never thought I would be dancing in my chair to a Nickelback tune but this Motown cover is just amazing. The vocalist has a great voice, for one thing, plus they’ve really got the Motown sound down. Also, check out the tambourine guy - is he not the happiest, danciest, most bum wrigglingest tambourine player you’ve ever seen?

The Bike by Alex Marco

I could seriously spend all day watching Scopitones (and chair-dancing whilst doing so). So far, this is possibly the most hilariously bizarre one that I’ve seen. Do watch it - you won’t be sorry (I hope!)