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Nth Degree | Morningwood | 2005



I LOST it when Robin starts singing.

Thank you Jim. I always try to do you and your work proud.


The Muppets pay tribute to their creator, Jim Henson, who passed away 22 years ago this week.

OMG Crying so hard right now. 

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THEESatisfaction Queens

I don’t know how many times I’ve watched this, but the song and the video will never get old for me.

Here’s to a glorious summer full of gorgeous parties like this one.

ETA: From puzzled-panther, 10 great reasons to love this vid (I agree with all of these - great list!):

  1. song is phenomenal
  2. cinematography is sweets
  3. women touching each other in a way that is both caring and platonic and romantic and appreciative and sexy all at once.
  4. BLACK WOMEN portrayed in a way that is affirming and celebratory but in no way confines them to either blackness or femaleness
  5. Black people depicted dancing in a way that is not hypersexualized, sexist, or a way to ridicule Blackness
  6. Black women portrayed in a way that doesn’t pit them against each other.
  7. “Leave your face at the door. Turn off your swag.”
  8. Black hair being depicted as beautiful, interesting, and a way of bonding rather than as something that is weird and should not be touched.
  9. so much great FAAAASSSSHHHHH
  10. it makes me feel good about me.




Red Panda Can’t Even Believe How Awesome This Pumpkin Is

A red panda at the Maruyama Zoo in Sapporo, Japan was seen totally freaking out over an awesome pumpkin in his enclosure on Wednesday.

Witnesses say he was absolutely beside himself with glee, and unsure whether to attack, play with, or eat the strange orange fruit. 

Via btrucker94.

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Seriously one of the most perfect songs ever. And Davy being so tiny and beautiful. :(

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Heartache Tonight ukulele cover (The Eagles)

A friend asked me to cover this song for her, so I did. Singing this song actually gives me a headache but hopefully this turned out OK!

(Till) I Kissed You by The Everly Brothers (song was released in 1959 - not sure of the date of this video).

The Everly Brothers’ harmonies are so amazing I sometimes want to cry. This is one of my favourite songs - a lot of their songs have found their way into my all-time favourites - because it’s so cute and it just makes me really happy!

A Motown Tribute to Nickelback by ScottBradleyLovesYa et al

OMG I AM DEAD. (And posting this everywhere. Ha.) Seriously. I never thought I would be dancing in my chair to a Nickelback tune but this Motown cover is just amazing. The vocalist has a great voice, for one thing, plus they’ve really got the Motown sound down. Also, check out the tambourine guy - is he not the happiest, danciest, most bum wrigglingest tambourine player you’ve ever seen?

The Bike by Alex Marco

I could seriously spend all day watching Scopitones (and chair-dancing whilst doing so). So far, this is possibly the most hilariously bizarre one that I’ve seen. Do watch it - you won’t be sorry (I hope!)